Leadership Team


Dustin Johnson, MSc. Statistics (UBC)
Currently a Senior Data Scientist at Aritzia, Dustin brings a solid statistical background and an in-depth understanding of the latest tools and techniques to analyze data. He is the driving force behind AQM’s vision and long term goals.

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan, PhD. Operations Research (UBC)
Currently a full-time graduate student, Sanjith brings solid experience in applying mathematical tools to operational problems. With an extensive background in physics, Sanjit also brings years of experience guiding students through complex topics as a Teaching Assistant for a variety of quantitative courses.

Mirko Miorelli, PhD. Nuclear Physics (UBC)
Mirko brings an in-depth foundation in mathematics, computational physics and machine learning. Mirko was also a research assistant at TRIUMF, Canada’s leading national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics which houses the world’s largest cyclotron.

Haihan Lan, BASc. Electrical Engineering (UBC)
Currently an engineer at Intel, Haihan brings a solid working understanding of programming in C++, C# and various other languages. Haihan has also completed extensive machine learning projects and is a regular publisher in machine learning communities.

Dharu Ravi, BCom. Operations Research (UBC)
Dharu brings extensive experience in managing large, complex, cross-functional software and data projects. Dharu is responsible for securing and managing the capstone projects as well as building the Vancouver data science community.


Jonathan Berkowitz, PhD. Statistics (UToronto)
Currently a lecturer in the department of Operations and Logistics at the Sauder School of Business, Dr. Berkowitz is a trusted adviser for the AQM program. Dr. Berkowitz has 10+ years of professional experience in statistical consulting and teaches students statistics at the undergraduate and MBA level at UBC.