The Applied Quantitative Methods (AQM) program began as a group of talented graduate and undergraduate students from Vancouver, Canada, with the aim of utilizing advancements in quantitative analysis and modeling to improve corporate decision making. We were aspiring engineers, statisticians, computer scientists, economists and operations researchers who noticed the clear break between what we were learning in school and what the industry demanded.

With a motivated team and strong support from academics and industry professionals, we structured a project with Translink (South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority), where we processed and analyzed close to 5GB of bus data, and presented it to the Analytics and Forecasting team at Translink on May 30th, 2016. The insights that we generated are in the process of put into operation.


We’re currently working on two projects simultaneously. One project is a continuation of last years work with Translink. The other project is for Best Buy Canada analyzing social media data to discover insights into a better social media strategy.


Thanks to the R&D team at Lululemon Athletica, we’ve been able to extend our skills and structure a project with Lululemon for AQM 2018. We are also in the process of organizing additional projects with other firms in the near future.