For Firms

If your firm would benefit from a talented, ambitious and data savvy team supported by leading academics analyzing your data and providing new insight, please send us an email at

Legal Overview

AQM has extensive experience working with legal teams to receive, store and analyze sensitive data from firms. Our experience ranges from large government authorities to Fortune 500 firms. Typically, we first meet with the project team on the firm’s side to structure the project. Once the project is fleshed out, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is drafted by the firm with the assistance of the AQM leadership team to cover all bases. The NDA covers all data privacy, storage and use procedures strictly adhered to by AQM.

In addition to the NDA, for projects with monetary compensation, a consulting agreement is drafted between the firm and AQM for services rendered. As with all consulting engagements, terms and payment are drafted after negotiations between AQM and the firm.