Dustin Johnson    

MSc. Statistics

Currently a full-time data scientist, Dustin brings a solid statistical background and an in-depth understanding of the latest tools and techniques to analyze data. He is the driving force behind AQM’s vision and long-term goals.

Haihan Lan    

BASc. Electrical Engineering

Currently a full-time data scientist with extensive experience developing systems software, Haihan brings a solid working understanding of programming in C++, C# and various other languages. He is also a published researcher in the field of Applied Mathematics.

Mirko Miorelli    

PhD. Nuclear Physics

Currently a full-time data scientist, Mirko brings an in-depth foundation in mathematics and computation. Mirko was also a research assistant at TRIUMF, Canada’s leading national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics which houses the world’s largest cyclotron.


Sanjith Gopalakrishnan    

PhD. Operations Research

Currently an Assistant Professor of Operations Research at McGill University, Sanjith brings solid experience in applying mathematical and statistical tools to operational issues faced by businesses.He also has years of experience guiding students through complex topics and data science projects.


Dharu Ravi    

BCom. Operations Research

Dharu brings extensive experience in managing large, complex, cross-functional software and data projects. Dharu is responsible for securing and managing the capstone projects as well as building the Vancouver data science community.

Matt Canute    

MSc. Computing Science

Matt brings a wealth of industry experience with large-scale data initiatives along with a strong skill-set in programming tailored to data science. With bachelors degree from UBC in business and computer science, Matt has a keen sense of identifying the business value of data science and technology initiatives.


Moe Antar    

ASc. Computer Science

With undergraduate degrees in Business and Computer Science, and a focus in Front End Development, Moe brings a diverse set of skills to help deploy our solutions to the web and build intuitive dashboards.

David Dvorak    

MSc. Physics

David developed his data analysis and problem-solving skills during his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in physics.  He enjoys distilling insights from untamed data sets and is also a domain expert in materials science.